Fabrice Duc Photography | About me
Fabrice Duc, photographe et polygraphe basé dans le Canton de Vaud, spécialisé dans les photos de sports (unihockey, football,...) portrait et paysage.
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About me
At work during the WFC 2019 in Neuchatel / © Claudio Schwarz - unihockey-fotos.ch

I’m Fabrice Duc, born in 1994 in Switzerland and I live in a small village between Lausanne and Fribourg. I work as polygrapher in a Label Printing in Neuchâtel. In my free time, I am a Freelance photographer. I fell into photography during my 1st year of polygrapher’s apprenticeship during a photography course in 2010. From then, I pursued to learn photography in an autonomous way.

Since childhood, I’m fond of sports. Therefore, I naturally turned to sports photography. I began to play floorball in 2011 and followed in a more serious level in 2014. In 2016, I began to ask accreditation access at NLA games in Switzerland and swissunihockey events.

in 2016, I diversified my photography skills with portrait and landscape styles.

Since 2016, I participate in several floorball games and events, such as Cup final in Bern, Superfinal in Kloten, Supercup in Zürich and Eurofloorball tour in Kirchberg. In 2018 and for the first time, I took part in swissunihockey at the Euro Floorball Tour in Neuchatel and pursued in 2019 with the swissunihockey and the IFF (international Floorball Federation) during the World Floorball Championship in Neuchatel.

Since 2020, I am member of the Sport-Press.ch Association and the International Sport Press Association, which give me the opportunity to get accreditation in other sports than floorball.